Bored man shopping

Bored man shopping

Be careful when taking a man to the store

I went clothes shopping with my wife the other day.  While flitting from store to store, I noticed that many stores are making their clothing fitting room waiting areas more man friendly.  There are comfy couches and even TVs running sports programs.  Many clothing retailers are starting to recognize the need to cater to the other half that is taken shopping, at times, under duress.  One of the reasons may very well be because of men like the one mentioned in this article:



As the full newspaper clip shows, one women was threatened with a lifetime ban from a shopping outlet after her husband did, among other things,

  • Setting the alarm clocks in the Housewares section to go off at regular intervals.
  • Hiding in a clothing rack and yelling “Pick me, pick me!”
  • And, suspiciously running around the store singing the Mission Impossible theme song. 

Does boredom really lead to havoc?  Or is this a retailer who is simply a bit of a Scrooge with no funny bone in their body? Either way, it was funny how I could relate to the man in question.  While I have never been so outlandish, I have considered doing similar things.  However, it’s not just the boredom that gets me when clothes shopping.  No, it’s also the questions posed by my wife – “How do I look in this?”  “Does this make me look fat?”  “Do these match?”  There is no good answer to any of these questions.  Yes, no, or maybe so means that I’m in trouble.  Could you imagine my wife’s response if I answered those questions in this way – “Gosh, that one makes you look horrendous!” “Fat?  Maybe.”  Or, “I can hardly match my socks, do you think I’m qualified to answer your questions about matching clothes?”

No matter how you look at it – clothes shopping with the spouse or girlfriend is an exercise in humility and learning what not to say or do.