LEGO Controversy

LEGO Controversy

Child Development vs Home Organization

LEGO’s are a big part of our house.  If you have kids who play with LEGO’s than you are aware of the way they can take over your house.  They crunch under your toes and fall between cracks in the sofa.  In our house I can find pieces of LEGO’s in the bathroom and kitchen, at the dinner table and they even go to bed with my kids.  When it comes to LEGO’s in our home, there are a variety of opinions. 

One the one hand, LEGO’s are enhance a child’s brain and growth development. They are good for:

  • Color & Shape Sorting
  • Encouraging Fine Motor Skills
  • Promoting Creativity
  • Providing Imaginative Play
  • Developing Math Skills
  • Developing Pattern Skills
  • Encouraging Problem Solving Skills.

LEGO’s provide my boys with hours of play.  They have so much fun building structures and acting out all kinds of battles and scenarios with the little Lego people.  What could be better?

I didn’t grow up with LEGO’s.  So, despite the positive aspects of LEGO’s, I struggle with stepping on them.  Out vacuum doesn’t like eating LEGO’s. Storing LEGO’s is a nightmare.  How do you sort them? By color? Size? Shape? By which set they came in? And, how long do you allow the creations to be displayed before taking them down? How many trips to the store to find that one piece that my boys have lost?

It is such a mixed bag when it comes to LEGO’s.  On one hand, I find them to be a fun way for my boys to stay off of the Wii, Compueter, or Movies.  On the other – my feet would like me to stop stepping on the LEGO’s that find their way to be in my path.