"The types of shoes that sneakerheads collect include brands like Air Jordan and Nike."

You have probably passed a sneakerhead in the mall, on your way to school, or on your way to work. Sneakerheads are known as individuals who collect multiple pairs of shoes, often only wearing them once. These individuals are usually at the midnight releases for all the latest shoes. Who knew that some shoes had their own midnight releases? Right! The concept is basically the same thing that avid Harry Potter or Twilight fans would do when a new movie would come out. While Harry Potter or Twilight fans paid something like $15 a ticket to see the movie, sneakerheads often pay 10 x that or even more.

The shoes that sneakerheads are after usually cost hundreds of dollars. Just imagine buying about 5 of these shoes, that’s over one-thousand dollars already spent on shoes. Ordinary, frugal people like you, and me probably spend at most spend $75 on a shoe.

The types of shoes that sneakerheads collect include brands like Air Jordan and Nike. Some of these shoes are so valuable that people often steal them. This is what happened recently to a man in North Carolina whose home was robbed of 10k worth of Air Jordans.

A lot of celebrities like Chris Brown, Kanye West and Ciara are often sneakerheads, since they have what seems like an endless amount of discretionary income. People willing to spend  loads of money on sneakers are no different than women who spend tons of money on heels, but that is a topic for another day.

The idea of having the latest sneakers and the most expensive shoes can be cool for a good 15 seconds. I just wonder what these people feel when they try and count up how much of their life savings that they have invested in sneakers.