January 2012

Tash Limited Welcomes Comfy Shoes

As Christian Louboutin once infamously told the New Yorker "The core of my work is dedicated not to pleasing women but to pleasing men." Who would think that you would make a women’s shoe, whose sole purpose is to please men? Well a new shoe line by the name of Tash Limited has done a 180 on Christian Louboutin by producing shoes that are pleasing to a woman as well as others. The shoe line combines many of Mr. Louboutin biggest fears into one shoe, including his biggest fear of women actually being comfortable wearing a shoe.

LEGO Controversy

Child Development vs Home Organization

LEGO’s are a big part of our house.  If you have kids who play with LEGO’s than you are aware of the way they can take over your house.  They crunch under your toes and fall between cracks in the sofa.  In our house I can find pieces of LEGO’s in the bathroom and kitchen, at the dinner table and they even go to bed with my kids.  When it comes to LEGO’s in our home, there are a variety of opinions.