February 2012

Male Chefs Do Not Exist in a Void

They may dominate the kitchen, but it’s usually their moms who helped them get there in the first place.

Everywhere you look, there are male chefs—on commercials, television shows, cookware, cooking competitions, you name it. Most cooking competitions, and indeed most restaurants, feature male chefs. Why is this?

Ask just about any male chef where he was taught or what inspired him to become a chef in the first place and he’ll tell you it was his mom nine times out of ten. It’s one of the most common stories you hear from any male cook. In fact, many male chefs are making millions of dollars off their own mothers’ and grandmothers’ recipes. I wonder if they ever considered that their mothers and grandmothers could have just as easily been the top chefs instead?

Modern Family sends mixed messages with "Virgin Territory"

Why is the media telling my teenagers when it is okay to have sex?

OK – like most teenage boys (and many men) I was preoccupied with the opposite sex.  Yet here I am, in my 40’s, with teenage daughters.  The idea of either having sex before marriage just plain scares me.  They are my babies, my little girls and how dare any young man take that away from me or from them.  So when I saw this week’s Modern Family episode about Phil (the father) the discovering that his daughter Haley, a high school senior, was sexually active, well it made my skin crawl a little. 


"The types of shoes that sneakerheads collect include brands like Air Jordan and Nike."

You have probably passed a sneakerhead in the mall, on your way to school, or on your way to work. Sneakerheads are known as individuals who collect multiple pairs of shoes, often only wearing them once. These individuals are usually at the midnight releases for all the latest shoes. Who knew that some shoes had their own midnight releases? Right! The concept is basically the same thing that avid Harry Potter or Twilight fans would do when a new movie would come out. While Harry Potter or Twilight fans paid something like $15 a ticket to see the movie, sneakerheads often pay 10 x that or even more.

Heels, Cowboy Boots, and Sandals Cause Back Pain

Heels are notorious for being unhealthy for your back, yet many women continue to wear sky high heels. People have a hard time sacrificing fashion for comfort, but why can’t you just do both? According to Spine Universe good shoes are meant to provide support to your entire body, something that sandals, heels and cowboy boots fail to do. They are meant to provide some kind of barrier between you and the ground. Good shoes can protect your spine, while bad shoes, like those 5 inch Louboutins or Valentinos can cause constant damage to your spine.