March 2012

Uggs in the Summer

UGG boots have come to be a staple piece for every teenage girl's closet. The fury boots are designed to keep your feet warm. They were also designed as a way for surfers, specifically to warm their feet after getting out of the water. Ugg boots have transition from a sensible invention to a fashion trend. People around the world wear UGG boots no matter the weather. At one point Uggs were only seen during the colder months, but its seems as though many wearers decided to start a fashion trend of their own. As a result, wearing UGG boots in the summer have become a popular new trend.

What Do your Shoes Say About You?

People often say to avoid letting material possessions define who you are as a person. Even though they may not define who you are they can say a lot about the person. It seems as though many celebrities live for their shoe collection. The other day Kim Kardashian (not really a celebrity) tweeted a photo of a portion of her closet.

Outlined with Louboutins of every color and Milano’s most people will never be able to afford you can't help but cringe at the image. For clarity, I feel as though people who have the money should be able to do with it as they please. On the other hand, I do feel strongly against people whose only purpose in life is appear at said parties or events just so they can afford their next pair of $5,000 shoes.

Remebering the 2011 Japanese Tsunami

The Fortitude of Those in Tohoku

20 years ago I lived in Japan.  I spent two years on a service mission in Tohoku. While there I found the people genuine and accepting of me – especially with my broken Japanese.  In some towns I was the only “gaijin” or foreigner.  Especially in these towns, the Japanese people were extremely patient with my developing language skills.  One even commented how much he appreciated that I was trying to speak Japanese rather than try to force English on him.  I have fond memories of my time in Japan. 

Donate Your Old Shoes

When you think of shoes, you probably think about the hundreds that you could buy with a little extra money, but the thought of the many that you rarely wear does not even cross your mind. Sometimes we buy shoes thinking they will go with this, that, and that outfit. Or we may guilt ourselves into buying shoes we never intend to wear. I tend to buy shoes with a purpose of wearing them until they are all out of breath. Growing up I was allowed one new pair of shoes each school year with a budget of $40.