October 2012

Handmade clothing

The benefits of handmade clothing

Handmade clothing may seem like it is a little bit old fashioned. However, you should realize the handmade clothing has a couple of great benefits that you can enjoy. Then you will realize why handmade clothing is so valuable for you to seek out. 

The main benefit you will discover with handmade clothing is that you are able to know where these have come from. Typically when you buy items from any department store, it will indicate which country they are made in. You will recognize the artist who crafted the item either by buying directly from them or producing the item with your own hands. 

Choosing what color to wear

Favorite color vs. suitable color

When picking out a new outfit, how do you decide on what color to wear?  Do you simply go with your all-time favorite color?  Or do you pick the color that suits you best?

For the longest time, my method for picking out what color clothes to buy would be to always go with the color that I like best from the rack of clothes at the store.  Since my favorite color is pink, I have a closet full of pink clothes.  Even a lot of my shoes and accessories are pink.